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Latest Spanish Fashion for Men

Home to brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear and Loewe, fashion in Spain is taken very seriously. Spanish men are known for making a genuine effort to dress in style every time they step out of their house. Famous for their metrosexual outfits, the latest trend in men is to wear tight pants or jeans, often seen in white or bright colours.

To wear with the trending pants, the spaniards usually choose a light V-neck sweater. Men are also seen wearing button downs, but it is a norm to leave the top few buttons undone. The latest fashion also includes tight screen printed t-shirts paired with a leather jacket and a scarf.

Looking at their business wear, it is a must for men to don a suit complete with the jacket and a tie, irrespective of the weather conditions. However, in beach areas, the men seem to be going in the opposite direction and are wearing as little as possible. Spanish men are usually seen wearing short swim trunks in order to maximise their tan.

When it comes to footwear, the spaniards are very particular. It is unacceptable to wear athletic shoes while in regular clothes, although it is a current trend to wear bright coloured sneakers with tracksuits. Men in Spain wear a nice pair of branded sandals or leather shoes with rubber soles.

As the latest fashion, man purses are a major hit among Spanish men. These are small bags worn across the shoulder and hangs by the waist. Quite similar to camera bags, man purses are usually made in neutral colours.

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